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Our Clients are seeing fast and sustainable weight loss results

Reveal Lifestyle Program - Natural, Customizable, Sustainable, and Safe Weight Loss

Reveal Lifestyle Program is a natural and customizable weight loss program combining real, healthy, anti-inflammatory food choices, proprietary all natural supplements to help curb your appetite, stimulate your metabolism, and detox your body, and state-of-the-art technology like 3D body imaging by Styku and infrared body contouring by Inspire Lights. Add to that weekly visits with a Certified Health Coach, access to our private Facebook group, and the use of our unique MyInspire app keeping you connected to our team 24/7 and you’ve got all you need to reach your weight loss and body image goals.

Our Clients are seeing fast and sustainable weight loss results

Monitor how many inches you've lost and how your body is changing shape using the Styku 3D body imaging technology.

Every client has the opportunity to incorporate state-of-the-art infrared light technology into their Reveal Lifestyle Program to tighten the skin while losing the weight and inches you want to lose.

No prepackaged meals
No shakes
Just real food

We developed our proprietary app to help you keep track of your efforts every day and to allow your Certified Health Coach instantaneous access to your progress.

• We do a metabolic analysis on your first visit. • We boost your metabolism to help your body burn fat again.

You'll meet with a Certified Health Coach every week to review your efforts and keep you on track and progressing in the healthiest way possible.

All of our clients have access to a private community where we share recipes, support, and education all with a focus on helping you reach your weight loss and body image goals.

Real results

If they can do it, so can you!

Complete this quick self assessment to see if our Reveal Lifestyle Program® is right for you.

Our Clients are seeing fast and sustainable weight loss results


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