I Felt Like I was Dying on Ozempic

Chelcy Garrett is a TikTok influencer, founder of Konnect'd Entertainment, and passionate photographer capturing life's moments.

I feel like I almost died taking Ozempic; it was killing me slowly. To people using Ozempic for weight loss: Do what you have to do. But it is a diabetes medicine. That’s originally what it was used for. I took Ozempic for Type 2 diabetes. Both my parents are diabetic and they recommended I…

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Voted DAVIE’S BEST Weight Loss Center!

Inspire Weight Loss truly lives up to its name; The woman behind the brand is an inspiration. Having weight struggles for over 20 years and at the age of 40, finally gaining control and taking her life back, Martha Savloff now has the power and ability to help others achieve the same results. Unlike many others, Inspire…

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